Buy Neuroanatomy Discussion Quetions

Buy Neuroanatomy Discussion Questions
Buy Neuroanatomy Discussion Questions
248. Nystagmus is a term used to denote
A. anervous twitching of the mouth
B. a burning sensation in the ears
C. arhythmic oscillation of the eyes
C. ahypersensitive nose
In most instances a given sensory impulse terminates in the
side of the brain opposite its origin as a result of decussation of the
A. primary or first-order neuron
B. secondary or second-order neuron
C. tertiary or third-order neuron
D. fourth-order neuron
Pathways from receptor endings to the cerebral cortex require a minimum of
A. two neurons
B. three neurons
C. four neurons
D. five neurons
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The final common pathway is synonymous with the
A. upper motor neuron
B. lower motor neuron
C. peripheral nerve
D. motor unit
The pyramids, longitudinal prominences, are part of which
portion of the brain stem?
A. Thalamus
B. Midbrain
C. Pons
D. Medulla oblongata
Surgical severance of the lateral spinothalamic tract for the
relief of pain is called
A. cordectomy
B. thalamectomy
D. cordotomy
D. tractotomy
Which of the following sensibilities utilize the same pathway through the spinal cord and brain stem?
A. Pain and somatic tactile
B. Proprioceptive and thermal
C. Thermal and tactile
D. Pain and thermal
The dura mater is the meningeal covering of the
brain and spinal cord.
A. innermost
B. middle
C. outermost
D. thickest
Retrograde degeneration refers to the degenerative changes
in the stump(s) that occur after transection of a
nerve fiber.
A. proximal
B. distal
C. proximal and distal
D. middle
Neuroanatomy / 47
Cerebellar, or intention, tremor may be observed in
A. Wilson’s disease
B. parkinsonism
C. poliomyelitis
D. multiple sclerosis
Motor aphasia, or loss of vocal expression, is due to
destruction of the motor speech area located in the
A. inferior frontal gyrus
B. anterior central gyrus
C. posterior central gyrus
D. cingulate gyrus
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