Buy Nurse Leader And Manager Discussion

Buy Nurse Leader And Manager Discussion
Buy Nurse Leader And Manager Discussion
1. When evaluating the leadership style of a particular
nursing unit, which characteristic would lead the nurse
to determine that an autocratic leadership style is being
a. One person is responsible for all decision making.
b. Activities are shared among all participants.
c. Each staff member works independently of others.
d. The leader shows concern for others, taking risks as
2. When developing a presentation about magnet hospitals,
which characteristics would you include? (Select all that
a. Are located in large, progressive, tertiary centers
b. Demonstrate a decentralized decision-making process
c. Exhibit better patient outcomes and staff retention
d. Promote control of practice by medical personnel
e. Allow staff self-scheduling
3. Which phrase best describes transformational leaders?
a. Drive rapid organization-wide change
b. Are frequently seen at senior or executive levels
c. Are focused exclusively on outcomes
d. Lack vision and vulnerability
Buy Nurse Leader And Manager Dissussion5. A teaching plan about the differences between leadership
and management would be considered effective if the
students identified which as a difference?
a. Formal titles differentiate the two constructs.
b. Leadership is less tangible than management.
c. Managerial skills are the technical side of leadership.
d. Leadership and management are mutually exclusive.
6. There is evidence that planning for change can be beneficial for all. Which sequence would be best for the
nurse to use when planning change?
a. Planning, checking, implementing, evaluating
b. Determining what to change, evaluating possible
resistance, determining the appropriate rate and
degree of change
c. Unfreezing, freezing, and refreezing
d. Communicating, problem solving, managing, and
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