Buy Nursing Assessment of the GI System

Buy Nursing Assessment of the GI System
Buy Nursing Assessment of the GI System
1. A nurse is caring for a patient receiving diphenoxylate HCl with atropine sulfate (Lomotil). Which is
most important for the nurse to include when teaching the patient about nontherapeutic effects of this
1. Monitor the pulse for a slow heart rate.
2. Suck on hard candy when experiencing a dry mouth.
3. Report abdominal cramps to the primary healthcare provider immediately.
4. Avoid engaging in hazardous activity until the
response to the medication is known.
10. A nurse identifies that a patient may have perceived
constipation. What specific question related to perceived constipation should the nurse ask the patient?
1. “How often do you take a laxative?”
2. “What is the consistency of your stools?”
3. “Do you have a sensation of rectal fullness?”
4. “When was the last time you had a bowel
11. —_Which independent nursing actions are associated
with caring for a patient with diarrhea? Select all
that apply.
if Suggesting eating the banana from
the breakfast tray
2,___________ Providing perineal care after each
3, Monitoring the patient’s hematocrit
4,_____~——s« Administering intravenous fluids
5, Administering an antidiarrheal
12. A nurse is caring for a patient who just had surgery
6 hours ago to remove a portion of the intestine and
the surgical creation of a stoma. Which action is
important when caring for this patient?
1. Assess the color of the stoma.
2. Explain that bowel function will return in 24 hours.
3. Wait until the collection bag is full before it is
4. Clean the peristomal area with half-normal saline
solution and peroxide.
13. A nurse is caring for a patient who has an order for
a stool specimen. What should the nurse do when
collecting this specimen?
1. Wear sterile gloves to maintain sterility of the
2. Send it to the laboratory promptly to avoid a
degraded specimen.
3. Flush the toilet first so that the water is clean
and free from debris.
4. Collect several inches of formed feces to ensure
~ an adequate sample.
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