Buy Nursing Process Diagnosis Analysis

Buy Nursing Process Diagnosis Analysis
Buy Nursing Process Diagnosis Analysis
1. Which of the following personality disorders are
most commonly susceptible to the diagnosis of brief
psychotic disorder? Select all that apply.
1. Antisocial personality disorder
2. Paranoid personality disorder
3. Borderline personality disorder
4. Schizoid personality disorder
5. Histrionic personality disorder
2. During an admission assessment, a nurse asks a
client diagnosed with schizophrenia, “Have you ever
felt that certain objects or persons have control over
your behavior?” The nurse is assessing for which type
of thought disruption?
1. Delusions of persecution
2. Delusions of influence
3. Delusions of reference
4. Delusions of grandeur
Buy Nursing Process Diagnosis Analysis
14. A nurse admits a client who is exhibiting delusional
thinking, auditory hallucinations, incoherent speech,
suicidal ideations, and a mood rating of 2 out of 10.
Given this clinical picture, the client is manifesting
symptoms in which diagnostic category?
1. Paranoid schizophrenia
2. Brief psychotic disorder
3. Schizoaffective disorder
4. Schizophreniform disorder
15. A client states, “I can’t go into my bathroom because
I saw a demon in the tub.” Which nursing diagnosis
reflects this client’s problem?
1. Self-care deficit
2. Ineffective health maintenance
3. Disturbed sensory perception
4. Disturbed thought processes
16. The nurse is interacting with a client diagnosed with
schizophrenia. Number the nurse’s interventions in
the correct sequence.
Present and refocus on reality
Educate the client about the disease
Establish a trusting nurse-client
Empathize with the client about feelings
generated by disease symptoms
Encourage compliance with antipsychotic medications
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