Buy Nursing Values Ethics And Advocacy

Buy Nursing Values Ethics And Advocacy
Buy Nursing Values Ethics And Advocacy
1. Five-year-old Bobby has dietary modifications related
to his diabetes. His parents want him to value good
nutritional habits and they decide to deprive him of a
favorite TV program when he becomes angry after they
deny him foods not on his diet. This is an example of
what mode of value transmission?
a. Modeling
b. Moralizing
c. Laissez-faire
d. Rewarding and punishing
e. Responsible choice
CHAPTER 6 Values, Ethics, and Advocacy 105
2. Which of the following is the best professional response
to a patient who tells you that she believes that “white
nurses are smarter than nurses of color” and then asks if
you agree?
a. “You are right!” (The patient/customer is always
b. “What I think doesn’t matter. What’s important is
whatever you believe.” (Value neutrality)
c. “I don’t believe being smart is related to race or
ethnicity.” (Commitment to human dignity)
Buy Nursing Values Ethics And Advocacy
3. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing identified five values that epitomize the caring professional
nurse. Which of these is best described as acting in
accordance with an appropriate code of ethics and
accepted standards of practice?
a. Altruism
b. Autonomy
c. Human dignity
d. Integrity
e. Social justice
4. A professional nurse with a commitment to social
justice is most apt to:
a. Provide honest information to patients and the public
b. Promote universal access to healthcare
c. Plan care in partnership with patients
d. Document care accurately and honestly
5. When an older nurse complains that nurses just aren’t ethical anymore, which reply reflects the best understanding
of moral development?
a. “The ability to behave ethically must be carefully
cultivated; maybe we don’t value this sufficiently to
pay it the attention it deserves.”
b. “I don’t agree that nurses were more ethical in the
past. It’s a new age and the ethics are new!”
c. “Ethics is genetically determined . . . it’s like having
blue or brown eyes. Maybe we’re evolving out of
the ethical sense you and your generation had.”
d. “No kidding! Who could be ethical in a practice
setting like this!”
6. A home health nurse who performs a careful safety
assessment of the home of a frail elderly patient to prevent harm to the patient is acting in accord with which
of the principles of bioethics?
a. Autonomy
b. Beneficence
c. Justice
d. Fidelity
e. Nonmaleficence
7. A professional nurse committed to the principle of
autonomy would be careful to:
a. Provide the information and support a patient
needed to make decisions to advance her own
b. Treat each patient fairly, trying to give everyone his
or her due
c. Keep any promises made to a patient or another professional caregiver
d. Avoid causing harm to a patient
8. A friend asks you about the new Bill of Rights for
nurses. What can you tell her that accurately reflects
the concerns of the drafters of these rights?
a. The Bill of Rights was drafted by nurses who
care more about themselves than they do about
b. The Bill of Rights was drafted by union nurses who
are always looking for a reason to strike.
c. The Bill of Rights was drafted to empower nurses
and to improve conditions in the workplace.
Buy Nursing Values Ethics And Advocacy10. Nurse advocates often are conflicted about respecting a
patient’s right to be self-determining, while at the same
time wanting to do everything in their power to promote
the patient’s best interests. Which is the best general
guideline for situations like these?
a. Patient rules! “It’s my life!”
b. Nurse rules! “It may be your life, but in this instance
you don’t know enough to make the right choice!”
c. When in conflict, weigh the benefits and risks of
following each option and then choose wisely
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