Buy Oscillation Wave and Sound

Buy Oscillation Wave and Sound
Buy Oscillation Wave and Sound
1. Oscillatory motion is that motion
(a) in which a body moves to and fro.
(b) in which a body moves in a straight
(c) in which a body moves in a parabolic
(d) None of the above
2. The maximum distance of the particle
from the fixed point or mean position is
(a) amplitude (b) frequency
(c) wavelength (d) time period
3. Which of the following is an example of
simple harmonic motion?
(a) Earth spinning on its axis.
(b) Simple pendulum motion.
(c) Ball bouncing on floor.
(d) Motion of a ceiling fan.
4. A particle is executing simple harmonic
motion. Which one of the following
statements about the acceleration of
the oscillating particle is true?[NDA 2016]
(a) It is always in the opposite direction
to velocity.
(b) It is proportional to the frequency of
(c) It is minimum when the speed is
(d) It decreases as the potential energy
Buy Oscillation Wave and Sound
5. A particle is moving in a circle with
uniform speed. Its motion is
(a) periodic and simple harmonic.
(b) periodic but not simple harmonic.
(c) a periodic.
(d) None of the above
6. The velocity of a particle performing
simple harmonic motion when it passes
through its mean position is
(a) infinity (b) zero
(c) minimum (d) maximum
7. In simple harmonic motion, acceleration
is at [NDA 2016]
(a) amplitude
(b) equilibrium
(c) acceleration is constant
(d) None of the above
8. The restoring force of SHM is maximum
when particle
(a) displacement is maximum.
(b) is half way between the mean and
extreme position.
(c) crosses mean position.
(d) is at rest.
9. The time period of a second pendulum
(a) 1 second (b) 2 seconds
(c) 0.5 second (d) 1.5 seconds
10. If T is the time period of an oscillating
pendulum, then which one of the
following statement is not correct?
(a) The motion repeats after time T only
(b) T is the least time after which motion
repeats itself.
(c) The motion repeats itself after nT,
where n is a positive integer.
(d) T remains the same only for small
angular displacements.
11. The period of a simple pendulum is
doubled, when [NDA 2018]
(a) its length is doubled.
(b) the Mass of the bob is doubled.
(c) its length is made four times.
(d) The Mass of the bob and the length
of the pendulum are doubled.
Buy Oscillation Wave and Sound
12. The time period of a simple pendulum
made by using a thin copper wire of
length L isT. Suppose the temperature
of the room in which this simple
pendulum is placed increases by 30°C.
What will be the effect on the time
period of the pendulum? [NDA 2017]
(a) T will increase slightly.
(b) T will remain the same.
(c) T will decrease slightly.
(d) T will become more than 2 times.
13. A pendulum clock is lifted to a height
where the gravitational acceleration
has a certain value of g. Another
pendulum clock of same length, but of
double the mass of the bob is lifted to
another height where the gravitational
acceleration is g
. The time period of the
second pendulum would be (in terms of
periodT of the first pendulum)
[NDA 2019]
(a) 2 T (b) 1
T (c) 2 2 T (d) T
14. If the amplitude or oscillation of a
simple pendulum is very small, then its
time period of oscillation
I. depends on the length of the
pendulum, L.
II. depends on the acceleration due to
gravity, g.
III. depends upon the mass of the bob of
the pendulum, m.
IV. does not depend upon the amplitude
of the pendulum, A.
Select the correct answer using the
codes given below. [IAS (Pre) 2018]
(a) I, II and III (b) I, II and IV
(c) II, III and IV (d) I and IV
Buy Oscillation Wave and Sound
15. A spring can be used to determine the
mass m of an object in two ways : I by
measuring the extension in the spring
due to the object and II by measuring the
oscillation period for the given mass.
[NDA 2015]
Which of these methods can be used in
a space-station orbiting the earth?
(a) Both I and II
(b) Only the extension method
(c) Only the oscillation method
(d) Neither I nor II
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