Buy Planning for the Data Warehouse Initiative

Buy Planning for the Data Warehouse Initiative
Buy Planning for the Data Warehouse Initiative
Planning for the Data Warehouse Initiative
292 What are the three phases of business
intelligence strategy?
293 What are the business intelligence
implementation critical success factors?
294 What are success indicators?
295 What should be included in the basic
planning of a data warehouse? 296 Which key factors are considered when
planning a data warehouse?
297 How can lack of strategic planning create
298 Why do implementation reason(s) need be
299 Why is sponsorship a prerequisite?
Chapter 33
Contents ® xvii
300 Which characteristics are desired in
the sponsor?
301 What can happen if management is not
on board?
302 Why should business be the project driver?
303 Why should a project’s potential impact
be evaluated?
304 How can lack of, or flawed, evaluation
cause problems?
305 Is project justification necessary?
306 Why should a “one approach fits all
approach be avoided?
307 Why should an overambitious approach
be avoided?
308 Why should analyzing the data and reporting
environment be a prerequisite?
309 Why should other data warehouse projects
be studied?
310 Why should readiness be determined?
Implementation Prerequisites and Approach
311 Which high-level tasks are performed
during planning?
312 Why must project objectives and goals be
implementation prerequisites?
313 Why do guiding principles and business
drivers need to be defined?
314 What are the consequences of inadequate
project funding?
315 When should scope be defined?
16 How can scope be managed during the
planning stage?
317 Which implementation methodology should
be used?
318 When and which implementation approach
should be selected?
319 What are the specific project prerequisites?
320 Why should developer-centric projects
be avoided?
321 What are the benefits of implementing a
pilot project?
322 Why should implementation of best practices
be pushed?
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