Buy Predisposing Factors On Depression

Buy Predisposing Factors On Depression
Buy Predisposing Factors On Depression
1. A nurse should recognize which of the following
statements as being a misconception about suicide?
Select all that apply.
1. Eight out of 10 people who commit suicide give
warnings about their intentions.
2. Most suicidal people are very ambivalent about
their feelings about suicide.
3. Most individuals commit suicide by taking an
overdose of drugs.
4. Initial mood improvement can precipitate
5. All suicidal individuals are mentally ill and
2. A client is being treated with sertraline (Zoloft) for
a major depressive episode. The client tells the nurse,
“I’ve only been taking this drug for 2 weeks, but I’m
sleeping better, and my appetite has improved.”
Which is the correct response by the nurse?
1. “It will take a minimum of 8 weeks for any mood
elevation to occur.”
Buy Predisposing Factors On Depression
2. “Sleep disturbances and appetite problems are not
affected by Zoloft.”
3. “A change in your environment and activity is
the reason for this improvement.”
4. “Zoloft therapy can improve insomnias and
appetite by the second week.”
8. All antidepressants carry an FDA
warning for increased risk of
suicide in children and adolescents.
9. A nurse practitioner is counseling a depressed client.
The nurse determines that the client is using the
cognitive distortion of “automatic thoughts.” Which
client statement is evidence of the “automatic
thought” of personalizing?
1. “I’m the only one responsible for my divorce.”
2. “There is nothing good about me.”
3. “I know they all hate me.”
4. “You must need glasses if you think I’m slim.”
10. A nursing instructor is teaching about disruptive
mood dysregulation disorder (DMDD). Which
of the following statements should the instructor
include? Select all that apply.
1. The onset of symptoms is after age 10 years.
2. Temper outbursts are out of proportion in
intensity or duration to the situation.
3. Temper outbursts are inconsistent with developmental level.
4. Temper outbursts occur, on average, two times
per week.
5. The irritable or angry mood is observable by
others (e.g., parents, teachers, peers).
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