Buy principles of an inductive argument

Buy principles of an inductive argument
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20. (D) The nature of moral disagreements is the province of metaethics since moral
disagreements would have to do with moral facts. (A) and (B) are questions of psychol-
ogy, and (C) and (E) are questions of applied ethics.
21. (E) Logic expresses necessary connections between statements and thus tells which
truths must follow from which. It does not tell which statements are true or give
answers by itself.
22. (E) An argument’s logic tells whether the truth of the conclusion is validly deduc-
ible from the truth of the premise. This is the specific meaning of logic in philosophy,
not the common meaning given by (A) or (C).
23. (A) Logic describes the forms of inference that are valid, from which one makes
arguments. Individual statements may be true or false independently of particular
structures of inference.
24. (D) A conditional is an “if . . . then . . .” statement, so it expresses a relation of
consequence between the truth of its antecedent (what comes after if ) and the truth of
its consequent (what comes after then).
25. (D) If a conditional is true, then it is true that its antecedent, if true, entails the
truth of its consequent.
26. (E) If a conditional is true, then it is not possible for its antecedent to be true while
its consequent is false. If this is possible, then the conditional must be false.
27. (C) If a conditional is true, then its consequent follows from its antecedent—that
is, if the antecedent is true, the truth of the consequent must follow.
28. (D) A conditional is false just when its consequent might be false while its anteced-
ent is true—thus, a counterexample to a conditional shows a conditional to be false.
29. (D) An argument is itself a conditional—an “if-then” statement—so its premises
collectively correspond to the antecedent of a conditional: the statements that, if true,
would ensure the truth of the conclusion (consequent).
30. (E) An argument must contain a general principle that ties specific statements
together and ensures a certain conditional truth.
31. (B) The principles of an inductive argument cannot prove a conclusion—it would
not be logically inconsistent to suppose the premises true but the conclusion false—but
they can show how the conclusion is probable
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