Buy Project Closeout Presentation Plan

Buy Project Closeout Presentation Plan
COVID-19 Rapid Relief Initiative: Project Proposal
Project Team Alpha
Sarah Pedersen
COVID-19 Relief Assistance Initiative
In response to the ongoing global pandemic, ABC Care Co. believes we have an even larger commitment to ensuring the safety of our community. With medical facilities having difficulty providing services and medical equipment, it is imperative we take swift action anywhere we can. That is why Project Team Alpha proposes the following project to be approved and financed immediately: The COVID-19 Rapid Relief Initiative.
Project Team Alpha is committed to opening the Texas facility no later than June 1st, working with all relevant and identified stakeholders to ensure that this new deadline is met, all while maintaining safety and quality standards. We will know we are successful by adhering to state and local laws, financial and time-driven benchmarks set forth by the business, and a satisfied community.
The Problem
The grand opening of our new facility in Texas is currently scheduled for July 1st. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and a shortage of testing sites, many people in our community need to be tested, but are unable to. This is an enormous public safety concern and needs to be addressed immediately. That is why our Project Team Alpha requests to proceed with finalization early.
The facility is built, the medical supplies are ready to be delivered, and our staff is trained and ready to start. However, with the government “stay-at-home” orders given earlier in the month, our interior finishing team has been delayed completing the final installations. The project team overseeing this has stated completion could be guaranteed and inspected no later than May 25th with proper alignment between stakeholders.
The Solution
Project Team Alpha recommends the following steps to assemble, develop, and manage the project team:
1. Encourage contracted architect to move contractors from “per cost” to “working” time and materials. This approach will cost slightly little more due to contractor overtime being paid out, but the program will remain within the original budget of $100M. (FIXR, 2020).
2. Coordinate inspection with architect, city, and state inspector.
3. Bring cross-functional project teams in to discuss how we can work together, around each other’s schedule to determine when the medical supplies and equipment delivery deadlines could be met.
4. With HR, coordinate employee onboarding and deployment with department heads to ensure all badges, access credentials, and systems are provided before opening.
5. Ensure program leads and ABC Care Co. executive teams receive daily status reports to monitor progress, cost, and time spent.
Project Sponsorship and Project Leadership During Project Execution
During this period, The COVID-19 Rapid Relief Initiative have identified problems and solutions to the project. It is important the project sponsorship give project managers clear/concise mandate and set the level of authority; this will allow mangers to execute within the limits of the project. Within their authority, the sponsorship will ensure all plans are achievable and realistic. We will also assist in resolving any issues that have occurred without overstepping the leadership.
It is important the project leadership continues to create trust and keep problems from escalating. The project leadership can foresee issues/problems with what may lead to cost effectiveness and the quality of the project. The importance of this project continues under the leadership vision of safety is first and foremost will continue, during the project execution all levers of leadership have implement their skillset and maintained a level of the importance of COVID-19 Rapid Relief Initiative for the community.
Although we would be opening for business early, it is truly the doctors, patients, employees, and the community who will see the benefit from our Texas facility opening ahead of schedule. It is our duty to ensure that we do everything we can during this trying time. With the completion of this project and adherence to the guidelines above, we will be in a position to better serve our friends and neighbors tomorrow and for years to come. Project Team Alpha hopes the executive team takes this project into careful consideration.
FIXR. (2020). Build Hospital Cost. Retrieved from

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