Buy Quantitative chemistry Assignment Help

Buy Quantitative Chemistry Assignment Help
Buy Quantitative Chemistry Assignment Help
1 Aluminium is an important and useful metal. It is extracted from
aluminium oxide, Al2O3, by electrolysis. The equation for this reaction is
2Al2O3 → 4Al 3O2
1–1 In one extraction plant 400 kg of aluminium oxide is electrolysed each hour.
Relative formula masses (Mr): Al2O3 = 102, O2 = 32
Relative atomic mass (Ar): Al = 27
Calculate the mass in kg of aluminium produced each hour by the
plant. Give your answer to one decimal place. [3]
1–2 The plant runs continually. Calculate the mass of aluminium
produced each week by the plant. Give your answer to three
significant figures. [2]
Total: 5
2 When heated, ammonium dichromate, (NH4)2Cr2O7, decomposes
to form chromium oxide, Cr2O3, nitrogen gas, N2, and water.
A student heated 7.56g of ammonium dichromate until it had
completely decomposed. 4.56g of chromium oxide, 0.84 g of
nitrogen gas, and 2.16 g of water were formed.
2–1 Calculate the relative formula mass of ammonium dichromate,
(NH4)2Cr2O7. [1]
Relative atomic masses (Ar): N = 14, H = 1, Cr = 52, O = 16
2–2 Use your answer to 2–1, and the information above, to determine
the balanced equation for this reaction. You must show your working. [4]
Relative formula masses (Mr): Cr2O3 = 152, N2 = 28, H2O = 18
Total: 5
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