Buy Sangam Period Discussion Questions

Buy Sangam Period Discussion Questions
Buy Sangam Period Discussion Questions
1. The word ‘Sangam’ is associated in
Tamil history with
(a) the literature produced during the
reign of the great Pallava Dynasty of
(b) the poems written in praise of the
Pandyan kings of the early Christian
(c) the court poetry of China kings who
were famous for patronising artists.
(d) a college or Assembly (literary
academy) of Tamil scholar held under
the royal patronage of Pandyan king
at Madurai.
2. How many sangam took place?
(a) One (b) Two
(c) Three (d) Four
3. Which of the following dynasty is not
mentioned in Sangam Literature?
[BPSC (Pre) 1996]
(a) Kadamb (b) Chera
(c) Chola (d) Pandya
4. The most popular God of the Tamil
during the Sangam age was
(a) Indra (b) Murugan
(c) Varuna (d) Tirumal
Buy Sangam Period Discussion Questions
5. Which of the following was not a ruling
dynasty of the Tamil country during the
Sangam Age?
[UPUDA/LDA (Mains) 2010]
(a) Chera (b) Chola
(c) Pallava (d) Pandya
6. The sage who is said to have
Aryanised South India was
[JPSC (Pre) 2012]
(a) Vishwamitra (b) Agastya
(c) Vashistha (d) Sambhara
7. Third Sangam was held at?
[UPPSC (Pre) 2016]
(a) Arikamedu (b) Ernakulum
(c) Madurai (d) Tuticorin
8. In the context of South India, Cave
script means
(a) undeciphered graffiti marks
(b) Tamil Brahmi
(c) Tamil Grantha
(d) Pallava Grantha
9. The Sangams flourished at different
places, which of the following places
were associated with the three
sangams? [IAS (Pre) 2004
(a) Madurai and Kapatapuram
(b) Madurai, Kapatapuram and
(c) Madurai, Uraiyur and Cholamandalam
(d) Puhar and Madurai
10. Which of the following is called ‘The
Bible of Tamil land’?
(a) Kural
(b) Tolkappiyam
(c) Silappadikaram
(d) Manimekalai
11. The first translator of Mahabharata into
Tamil was [IAS (Pre) 1999]
(a) Perunduanar (b) Kamban
(c) Hala (d) Bharavi
12. ‘Tirukural’ forms part of
(a) Pattupattu (b) Kilkanakku
(c) Melkanakku (d) Ettutogal
13. Religious anthology ‘Kural’ composed
in which language?
[MPPSC (Pre) 1997]
(a) Greek (b) Tamil
(c) Telugu (d) Pali
14. Which of the following Tamil text has
been called ‘Laghuveda’?
[UPRO/ARO (Mains) 2013]
(a) Nandhikalambagam
(b) Kalingattuparani
(c) Periyarpuranam
(d) Kural
15. Who among the following was the author of
the Tamil Ramayanam or Ramavataram?
[UP UDA/LDA (Mains) 2010]
(a) Kamban
(b) Kuttan
(c) Nannaya
(d) Tikkana
16. Which of the following poets of the
Sangam age has referred to a Mauryan
expedition against a Tamil chieftain?
[IAS (Pre) 2001]
(a) Paramar
(b) Avvaiyar
(c) IIango Adigal
(d) Mamulanar
17. The early Tamil poet who makes a
reference to the Nandas and Mauryas
in his work is [IAS (Pre) 1996]
(a) Sattanar (b) IIango Adigal
(c) Kapilar (d) Mamulanar
18. In Sangam literature ‘Tolkapiyyam’ is a
text of [UPPSC (Mains) 2014]
(a) Tamil Poetry
(b) Tamil Grammar
(c) Tamil Architecture
(d) Tamil Polity
19. Puram in Sangam literature is a
(a) spiritual poetry (b) erotic poetry
(c) war poetry (d) None of these
20. Who among the following are known for
their Telugu translation of the
Mahabharata? [UPPSC 2012]
I. Kamban
II. Kuttan
III. Nannayya
IV. Tikkana
Select the correct answer using the
codes given below.
(a) I and II (b) II and III
(c) III and IV (d) IV and I
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