Buy Stages of Cognitive Development

Buy Stages of Cognitive Development
Buy Stages of Cognitive Development
1. Piaget asserted that people form _________________ of the world and
how it works, based on their experiences in it.
(A) stereotypes
(B) attributions
(C) representations
(D) judgments
2. Adapting current intellect by making sense of new information based on
existing knowledge is
(A) assimilation
(B) schema
(C) accommodation
(D) judgments
3. Constructing new mental representations from existing ones to include
new experiences is
(A) assimilation
(B) schema
(C) accommodation
(D) judgments
Buy Stages of Cognitive Development
4. Piaget believed the infant’s participation, emotional expression, and
focused attention in peek-a-boo games are indicative of early signs of
_______________ in which the infant actively tries to make events last.
(A) assimilation
(B) purposeful intention
(C) accommodation
(D) reflexes
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5. Piaget thought children learned like ______________________, engaging
in trial-and-error experimentation, using mental representations to predict
outcomes and build a framework for navigating the physical and social
(A) little scientists
(B) apprentices in learning
(C) little adults
(D) preoperational
6. What is the period of cognitive development in which Piaget noted that
children’s illogical reasoning is centered on observable characteristics such
as appearance, function, and previous experiences?
(A) Little scientists
(B) Apprentices in learning
(C) Little adults
(D) Preoperational
Buy Stages of Cognitive Development
7. A hallmark of adolescent cognitive development is the ability to reason
based on propositions and possibilities rather than concrete facts, known as
(A) inductive reasoning
(B) deductive reasoning
(C) hypothetical reasoning
(D) preoperational reasoning
Fill-in-the-Blank Questions
349. The four periods of cognitive development according to Piaget are
____________, ____________, ____________, and ____________.
350. In the first two stages of _________________, the infant acquires first
experiences and gains understanding of initially reflexive behaviors to create and strengthen sensory and motor neural communication pathways.
351. The idea that other people might think about the same things differently is
called ________________.
352. Errors in logical reasoning are primarily due to ___________________,
or the preoperational child’s focus on a single characteristic.
Cognitive Theories and Perspectives ‹ 87
353. ________________ uses implied inferences and conclusions based on
relationships known about other facts, even though all the details are not
354. Piaget believed children are capable of hypothetical thought in the
________________ period of cognitive development.
355. Adolescents are capable of using ________________ and
________________ thinking strategies when making decisions.
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