Buy Temple Of The Vaishnavite Tradition

Buy Temple Of The Vaishnavite Tradition
Buy Temple Of The Vaishnavite Tradition
1. The painted illustration of the moving of
the Ashoka Pillar at Topra is found in
(a) Tarikh-i-Firuz Shahi CDS 2021 (II)
(b) Tarikh-i-Shahi
(c) Sirat-i-Firuz Shahi
(d) Akbar Nama
2. Which one among the following is a
temple of the Vaishnavite tradition?
(a) Srirangam CDS 2021 (II)
(b) Chidambaram
(c) Gangaikonda Cholapuram
(d) Thanjavur
Buy Temple Of The Vaishnavite Tradition
3. Who amongst the following will be at
more risk with respect to the
earthquake hazard zone specified by
the Geological Survey of India?
CDS 2021 (II)
(a) Shahji at Secunderabad
(b) Ranbir at Indore
(c) Malti at Pithoragarh
(d) Maitri at Bhubaneswar
4. Akbar issued a Farman in 1598
permitting in the city of Cambay
(Khambat), Gujarat, the construction
of a CDS 2021 (II)
(a) Temple (b) Church
(c) Synagogue (d) Jain Upashraya
5. Domingo Paes, the medieval traveler,
has described the city of CDS 2021 (II)
(a) Madurai (b) Vijayanagara
(c) Arikamedu (d) Gingee
6. Qutb Minar was originally four-storied.
Who among the following Delhi
Sultans raised the height to the
structure by adding the fifth storey?
(a) Balban Asst. Commandant 2021
(b) Alauddin Khalji
(c) Muhammad Tughlaq
(d) Firoz Shah Tughlaq
Buy Temple Of The Vaishnavite Tradition
7. Who among the following assumed
the title of Nizam-ul-Mulk Asaf Jaha to
set himself up as an independent ruler
with his base in Hyderabad?
Asst. Commandant 2021
(a) Kartalab Khan (b) Bahadur Shah
(c) Alivardi Khan (d) Chin Qilich Khan
8. Who among the following Bhakti saints
did not belong to Nirguna School of
Bhakti? Asst. Commandant 2021
(a) Kabir (b) Nanak
(c) Dadu (d) Chaitanya
9. Who authored ‘Akbarnama’?
SSC (CGL) 2020
(a) Abul Fazl (b) Abdus Samad
(c) Faizi (d) Abdul Latif
10. Who among the following foreign
travelers is not correctly matched with
the respective country they hail
from? SSC (CHSL) 2021
(a) Marco Polo – Italy
(b) Peter Mundy – China
(c) Ibn Battuta – Morocco
(d) Al-Biruni – Uzbekistan
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