Buy the Glorious Revolution of 1688

Buy the Glorious Revolution of 1688
Buy the Glorious Revolution of 1688
1. All of the following contributed to the growing opposition to
Cromwell’s rule in England EXCEPT
(A) his strict Puritan social policies alienated moderate Anglicans
(B) his growing reliance on France to prop up his government
(C) his cruel treatment of Catholic dissenters in Ireland
(D) his dissolution of the Rump Parliament
2. After the restoration of the Stuart dynasty, which of the following
contributed the most to growing opposition to Charles II?
(A) his growing alliance with the Dutch
(B) his conversion to Calvinism midway through his rule
(C) his inability to establish a rival commercial center in London
(D) his growing admiration for Catholicism and Louis XIV
Buy the Glorious Revolution of 1688
3. Which of the following is the most significant result of the Glorious
Revolution of 1688 and the English Bill of Rights?
(A) The United Kingdom was formed.
(B) Equal rights and political representation were extended to
subjects of the Crown in the English colonies.
(C) Limited monarchy was firmly established in England.
(D) England became the dominant European power until 1870.
4. William and Mary were required to accept the ________________
before taking the throne.
(A) Levellers
(B) Magna Carta
(C) English Bill of Rights
(D) Long Parliament
5. Which of the following is an accurate characterization of England in
the period from 1688 to 1715?
(A) a Puritan theocracy
(B) an absolute monarchy
(C) a democracy practicing religious toleration
(D) a constitutional monarchy controlled by an aristocratic
6. After 1688, England forbade Catholics in ________________ from
sitting in Parliament, teaching, purchasing land, and exporting
anything except agricultural goods to England.
(A) Scotland
(B) Ireland
(C) France
(D) Wales
7. Which of the following stipulated that no Catholic could be king of
(A) Solemn League and Covenant
(B) Act of Settlement
(C) Petition of Right
(D) English Bill of Rights
8. The most serious problem confronting Poland in the 18th century was
(A) the end of serfdom
(B) Swedish expansionism after the death of Charles XII
(C) resurgence of the Ottoman Empire
(D) weak central government
9. Which of the following combination of states blocked Russian
expansion during the 16th and 17th centuries?
(A) Sweden, Poland, Ottoman Empire
(B) Holland, England, Holy Roman Empire
(C) Ottoman Empire, Persia, Hungary
(D) Sweden, England, France
Buy the Glorious Revolution of 1688
10. Between the 15th and 18th centuries, Ukraine became a focal point in
the struggle between
(A) Lithuania and Belarus
(B) Latvia and Russia
(C) Estonia and Sweden
(D) Russia and Poland
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