Buy The Rise of Capitalism Assinment

Buy The Rise of Capitalism Assignment
Buy The Rise of Capitalism Assignment
1. Which of the following was a new Western motive for overseas territorial
expansion in the industrial era?
(A) Missionary drive to convert non-Western peoples to Christianity
(B) Seizure of land to be put to use raising cash crops
(C) Drive to dominate sources of precious minerals and metals
(D) Need for raw materials for factory production
(E) Access to new markets for sale of Western manufactured goods
302. How did the Dutch gain control of Java?
(A) Massive emigration from the Netherlands to Indonesia gave the
Dutch a demographic advantage.
(B) Rapid industrialization and urbanization allowed for management of
the majority of the population at work and at home.
(C) Shrewd exploitation of existing political divisions on the island
resulted in territorial concessions.
Buy The Rise of Capitalism Assinment
(D) Supremacy in military technology resulted in direct rule after an
initial period of warfare.
(E) Crucial help from the Chinese navy broke the back of indigenous
Javanese rulers.
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Which rival European power did the British defeat in the eighteenth
century in its drive to control the Indian subcontinent?
(A) Netherlands
(B) France
(C) Italy
(D) Spain
(E) Portugal
Which of the following was NOT a reason India had become Britain’s
most important colony by about 1800?
(A) India offered crucial port facilities for the British navy.
(B) India was a major outlet for British manufactured goods.
(C) India was an important supplier of British raw materials.
(D) India was an important location for British textile factories.
(E) Britain had lost the North American colonies.
During the era of British colonialism in India, why were the British
content, in general, to leave Indian social hierarchies intact?
(A) Over time, exposure to Hindu doctrine on caste won British elites
(B) British officials were able to, in essence, graft themselves onto an
existing social pyramid at its apex while incurring a minimum of
social disruption.
(C) British notions of proper gender roles, such as a wife’s duty to
commit sati were the same as Indian ones.
(D) Superior Mughal political and military authority prevented British
interference in Indian social relations.
(E) Commonplace social mobility between the caste stratifications
prevalent in the subcontinent British impressed colonial
In which area did British and Dutch colonialists in South Asia and
Indonesia assimilate the fewest indigenous practices?
(A) Religion
(B) Dress
(C) Food
(D) Housing
(E) Work habits
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