Buy Therapeutic Diets and Related Nursing Care

Buy Therapeutic Diets and Related Nursing Care
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Buy Therapeutic Diets and Related Nursing Care
Buy Therapeutic Diets and Related Nursing Care
1. A part-time evening nurse arrives on duty fora
6 p.m. to 12 midnight shift and is assigned to care for
a patient receiving peripheral parenteral nutrition
(PPN) via a peripheral intravenous catheter inserted
at 5 p.m. The nurse reviews the patient’s clinical
record and completes a blood glucose test before the
patient’s dinner at 6:10 p.m.
ed Patient’s Clinical Record
pies Sine cere ove eco
PPN infusion running as ordered at 83 mL/hour. Slight erythema
noted at PPN site. Patient reports some “stinging” at the infusion
site. Vital signs stable.
Primary Health-Care Provider’s Orders
Peripheral parenteral nutrition: 2,000 mL standard formula with
50% dextrose and 8.5% amino acids at 83 mL/hour.
Weigh weekly.
VS and temperature every 8 hours. If temperature is greater
than 100°F, notify primary health-care provider.
Soft diet as tolerated.
BGM a.c. and h.s.; cover as per insulin prescription.
If PPN is interrupted, start 20% dextrose and water at 83 mL/hour
and notify the primary health-care provider.
Laboratory tests: Basic metabolic panel, magnesium, and
phosphate daily for 3 days then MWF; triglyceride level in a.m.
Mondays CBC, INR, triglyceride level, and liver panel.
BGM at 6:10 Pm.
Glucose: 308
In what order should the nurse implement the following interventions?
1. Cover the glucose level with insulin according to
the insulin prescription.
2. Discuss the formula order with the primary
health-care provider.
3. Hang a bag of 20% dextrose and water and set it at
83 mL/hour.
4. Contact the IV nurse to consider changing the
IV site.
5. Discontinue the PPN solution.
22. A nurse is preparing to administer a fat emulsion
intravenously to an adult. What should the nurse
do when administrating this solution?
1. Run the lipid solution at a rate of 1.0 mL/minute
for the first 30 minutes.
2. Administer the lipid solution within 15 minutes
after removal from a refrigerator.
3. Rotate the lipid solution bottle gently if the
solution separates into layers or is cloudy.
4. Connect the lipid solution infusion set tubing to the
port above the filter in the primary infusion line.
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