Buy Thermodynamics and Equations of State

Buy Thermodynamics and Equations of State
Buy Thermodynamics and Equations of State
1. In general chemistry courses, students learn that the value of the gas
constant (R) is 0.0820578 L atm mol”! K7!. Determine the value of the
gas constant in SI base units.
2. A system consisting of two connected gas bulbs of equal volume is
immersed in a boiling water bath at 373 K. At this temperature (7),
the pressure (?) in the bulbs is 0.750 atm. Rearrangement of the system
places one bulb in an ice-water bath (273 K), whereas the other bulb
remains in the boiling water bath. What is the new pressure in the
3. A sample of an ideal gas is compressed isothermally from 275 mL to
75.0 mL. If the initial pressure was 1.00 bar, what was the final pressure?
4, How many moles of an ideal gas are in a 1,725-mL container at 25°C if
the pressure is 675 torr?
5. A tank has a volume of 1,250 L and is filled with air with a relative
humidity of 55% at 298 K. Assuming ideal behavior, what is the mass of
the water in the tank? At this temperature, the vapor pressure of water is
23.8 torr.
6. Dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) sublimes at 195 K (7°). If the pressure is
1.10 atm (P), what is the density of the carbon dioxide gas in grams per
7. A 1.00-L (V) sample of an unknown gas had a pressure of 0.750 atm (?)
at an unknown temperature. The addition of 0.0100 mol of hydrogen gas
followed by cooling of the container to 298 K (7’) returned the pressure
to its original value. Determine the original temperature of the sample.
4 > McGraw-Hill’s 500 Physical Chemistry Questions
8. A gas mixture has a density of 1.25 g L7 at 298 K (7) and 1.00 atm (P).
Buy Thermodynamics and Equations of State
Assuming ideal behavior, what is the average molar mass of the gas in the
At 372 K (T), the vapor of a volatile liquid filled a Dumas bulb ata
pressure of 0.975 atm (P). Upon cooling, the bulb was found to contain
0.3375 g of liquid. The volume of the bulb was 0.110 L (V). What was
the molar mass of the volatile liquid?
A vacuum system has a pressure of 5.0 x 107!° atm (P) at 298 K (7). The
volume of the system is 1.375 L (V). Assuming ideal behavior, how many
molecules of gas remain in the system?
The vapor pressure of water at 308 K (7) is 41.2 torr (P). What is the
concentration of the water vapor in moles (7) per liter (M)?
A 1.00-L (V) sample of steam collected at 389 K (7°) and at a pressure
of 1.00 atm (2) was condensed to form 0.578 g of water. What was the
compressibility factor (Z) of the steam?
At 273 K (T) and 100 atm (P), the compressibility factor (Z) is 0.783 for
methane gas. What is the volume (V) of 15.0 mol (7) of methane gas at
273 K and 100 atm?
Buy Thermodynamics and Equations of State
A sample of hydrogen gas is collected over water at 30°C. If the pressure of
the system is 757.5 torr, what is the partial pressure of the hydrogen gas?
Using the van der Waals equation, calculate the pressure (P) exerted by a
2.00-mol (7) sample of chlorine gas confined in a volume (V) of 0.500 L
at a temperature (7′) of 345 K.
The van der Waals constants for methane are a = 2.25 L? atm mol and
b= 0.0428 L mol”!. Determine the molecular diameter of methane.
What is the average translational energy per mole (E,,,,.) for a sample of
helium gas at 298 K (T)?
What is the root-mean-square speed (v,,,,) for helium gas at 298 K (T)?
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