Buy Types of Medical Practice and Care

Buy Types of Medical Practice and Care
Buy Types of Medical Practice and Care
1. Innovations in patient care theory and medical practice
arrangements requiring more effective use of personnel inspired Dr. M.M. Mandl in 1934 to establish the first school
A.) medical assistants
B. practical nurses
C. laboratory technicians
D. medical secretaries
E. radiologic technology
Types of Medical Practice and Care / 79
DIRECTIONS: For each of the questions or incomplete statements below, one or more of the answers or completions given is
correct. Select
if only J, 2, and 3 are correct
if only / and 3 are correct
if only 2 and 4 are correct
if only 4 is correct
if all are correct
Which of the following statements is true with regard to solo
practice/sole proprietorship?
It is owned by a single individual who receives all the
profits and takes all the risks
It is the oldest form of business, being easier to start as
well as dissolve
Solo practice affords great flexibility in its operation
One of the commonly reported disadvantages of solo
practice is that time is at a premium, and a 40-hour
work week is rare in an established practice
A type of medical practice arrangement in which two or
more persons act as co-owners of a business for profit where
all assume equal and full liability describes the typical
group practice
single specialty group
professional association/professional corporation
Which of the following forms of medical practice has become popular as a consequence of medical specialization
and the need for round-the-clock availability to patients?
3. 4
Buy Types of Medical Practice and Care
Sole proprietor
Group practice
80 / Medical Assisting Fundamentals
Directions Summarized
23 1,3 2,4 4 All are
only only only only correct
State laws permit professional persons to incorporate and
obtain sundry economic advantages and legal rights. These
medical groups can be identified by
1: PA
4. Co.
With regard to medical practice arrangements, which is/are
FALSE statement(s)?
1. In a professional association, as in any corporation,
legally the partners become employees
2. When several physicians enter into a partnership each
may be held liable for the professional negligence of any
member of the firm
3. Ina PA/PC all the members are not equally liable for
the acts of all the individual partners, but rather by a few members who have been authorized to manage the
enterprise and make policy decisions
4. With respect to professional liability, one of the advantages of group practice is that in being an employee of the group, the physician is no longer responsible for his
or her own acts or negligence
Which of the following statements about HMOs is true? 1. Contracts between the HMO and the patient provide for comprehensive health care
2. Preventive medicine is not a goal of most HMOs 3. Closed-panel groups commonly provide all medical ser- vices under one roof
4. An IPA cannot participate in an HMO
Types of Medical Practice and Care / 81
The letters IPA mean
1. Independent Professional Associate
2. Independent Physician’s Assistant
3. International Professional Associate
4. Individual Practice Association
Reimbursement to physicians as providers of medical care
can be made by service plans on the basis of
1. fee for service rendered
2. salary
3. capitation
4. commission
No matter what style of operation physicians choose to
practice, as employers their business responsibilities to employees must provide for
1. federal, state, and local requirements for Social Security
compensation protection
fringe benefits
Workers’ Compensation protection
=o malpractice insurance
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