Buy Types of Personality Disorders Discussion

Buy Types of Personality Disorders Discussion
Buy Types of Personality Disorders Discussion
1. An instructor is teaching students the difference
between obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and
obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD).
Which student statement indicates that further
instruction is needed?
1. “OCD symptoms change in severity over time,
whereas OCPD symptoms remain unchanged over
a lifetime.”
2. “OCPD is not associated with the obsessions and
compulsions that are prominent in OCD.”
3. “Clients with OCD want to alleviate their symptoms , whereas clients with OCPD see nothing
wrong with their behavior.”
4. “OCD becomes OCPD when symptoms of anxiety
reach the level of uncontrolled panic.”
2. The mother of a teenage client asks what the term
“helicopter parent” means. Which explanation by
the nurse would be most accurate?
1. A parent who hires a drone to hover overhead and
protect his or her child from harm.
2. A parent who is basically depressed and fears his
or her child will succumb to the same affliction if
not protected and controlled.
3. A parent who pays extremely close attention to his
or her child’s experiences and problems.
4. A parent who, as a child, once experienced the
same parental overprotection and overcontrol.
Buy Types of Personality Disorders Discussion
3. Using as a primary ego defense
mechanism, individuals diagnosed with antisocial
personality disorder see themselves as victims and
do not accept responsibility for the consequences of
their behavior.
17. When faced with a confrontational situation, to
which of the following clients would the nurse
most likely employ interventions that minimize
manipulative behavior? Select all that apply.
1. A client diagnosed with borderline personality
2. A client diagnosed with avoidant personality
3. A client diagnosed with schizoid personality
Buy Types of Personality Disorders Discussion
4. A client diagnosed with antisocial personality
5. A client diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive
personality disorder
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