Buy Waves In Air Fluids And Solids Discussion

Buy Waves In Air Fluids And Solids Discussion
Buy Waves In Air Fluids And Solids Discusion
Quick questions
1 What is a ‘transverse wave’?
2 What is a ‘longitudinal wave’?
3 What is the ‘amplitude’ of a wave?
4 What is the ‘wavelength’ of a wave?
5 Write down the equation that links wave speed, frequency and wavelength.
6 What are the units of frequency?
Exam-style questions
7–1 Describe the differences between transverse and longitudinal waves. [2]
7–2 Figure 1 shows a wave as it travels across the sea.
Figure 1
Copy Figure 1 and draw the wavelength of the wave. Mark this
distance W. [1]
7–3 Complete Figure 1 by drawing the amplitude of the wave. Mark
this distance A. [1]
Total: 4
8 A student is producing a longitudinal wave with a slinky, as
shown in Figure 2.
Figure 2
8–1 Copy Figure 2 and label it with a C where a compression is
shown, and an R where a rarefaction is shown. [2]
8–2 The longitudinal wave produced has a frequency of 0.5Hz, and a
wavelength of 15cm. Calculate the speed of the wave and give
an appropriate unit of measure. [3]
8–3 Define ‘wave speed’. [2]
Total: 7
p613– 14
p614 WS4.4,
23 Waves
9 Figure 3 shows a ripple tank used to demonstrate water waves.
dipper for
circular waves
vibrated up
and down
by motor
dipper for
wave pattern
seen on screen
glass-bottomed tank
Figure 3
9–1 Design a method to measure the speed of the waves in the ripple
tank. You should describe the measurements that you would take. [6]
9–2 Give one piece of evidence that shows that it is the wave and
not the water itself that travels across the ripple tank. [1]
9–3 The wavespeed of the waves is measured to be 0.12m/s and the
wavelength is 4.4 cm. Show that the frequency of the waves is
approximately 3Hz. [4]
9–4 Use the equation
period 1
frequency =
to calculate the time period of the waves in the ripple tank. [2]
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