Buy weathering region assignment

Buy weathering region assignment
Q1. In a project, a high-performance brick bearing wall will be constructed. a) Which mortar type do you expect the structural engineer to require in the specification? b) What is it’s minimum average compressive strength at 28 days based on the ASTM C270? (1 point)
Q2. Masonry cement mortars are formulated with air-entraining admixtures to achieve workability equivalent to conventional cement-lime mortars. What are the disadvantages of having air-entraining in this mix design? (1 point)
Q3. a) Which weathering region does Seattle fall under that is determined by winter rainfall and freezing cycles (Check the map in figure 8.16)? b) Which brick grade should be specified for exterior use in Seattle? (1 point)
Q4. a) Based on the brickwork definitions in figure 8.17 in your textbook, name the bricklaying, brick, and joint types in the figure below (a to f). b) What is the type of structural bond of this wall? (2 points)
Q5. a) What type of grout is used in the Reinforced Brick Masonry (RBM)? b) Briefly explain the two methods for grouting the RBM. (1 point)
Q6. The project owner shows you these photos (a and b) to describe the desirable options for an exterior wall. How do you classify the patterns of these stone masonry walls? (1 point)
Q7. a) What needs to be done to prevent the adverse effects of masonry expansion and contraction? b) After a new masonry wall is installed in your project, you notice a white powder stain on the wall. What is this phenomenon called? (1 point)
Q8. a) Write about an advantage and a disadvantage of the normal weight concrete masonry unit (CMU) in comparison to lighter CMUs. b) What are the most common American CMU dimensions? (1 point)
Q9. Describe the components of the cavity wall, and explain how it prevents the water from reaching the interior of the building. (1 point)

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