Camp Bow Wow Dog Park Summary Report

Camp Bow Wow Dog ParkSummary Report
The ID scanner system will collectdemographic information about the customers, valuable information for dog parkmanagement. The scanner detects the individuals’ names, ages, and addressesrecorded in the identification card (., 2016). The data enables thedog park management to learn about its client base. The age of customers is helpfulsince it indicates the appropriate promotion strategies for the age groupinformationabout the gender of clients guides in providing services that suit the majorityof the clients. Understanding the target market is crucial since a businessexists to serve the needs of its customers. Competitive advantage emerges fromthe firm’s ability to satisfy clients’ needs more effectively than thecompetitors. Characteristics of clients enable the management to offer servicesand promotions that target its customers.
Venue management becomes efficientwith the use of the ID scanner system. People do not need to queue for hoursawaiting inspection and clearance to access the dog park. The scanning systemis fast and efficient, allowing individuals to have convenient access to thepark. The scanner identifies information that identifies the individual andtheir legality status (Akshatha et al., 2017). The scanner can identifydangerous criminals who attempt to access the park. Controlling the individualswith access to the park and enhancing security is a competitive advantage forthe dog park.
EnhancingCustomer Experience
The average time that a personvisits the dog park helps assess customer satisfaction levels. People can spendhours in an environment that they enjoy and minimize they stay in an unfriendlyenvironment. The scanner detects clients’ arrival and departure times, whichprovides information on the duration of the individual’s visit. If the clientsonly , there is a need to assess the dog park’s environment andaddress issues that may drive customers away. The length of the visits can alsoprovide vital information for the management to plan supplementary servicessuch as providing snacks and other fun activities for individuals. Forinstance, if families visit the park for an average of five hours, is it timefor the park to invest in outdoor games for children.
A loyalty card system will attractcustomers since they will benefit from their loyalty in visiting the park.Loyalty cards make customers feel appreciated and valuable to the business. Theappreciation system will ensure that clients make repeat visits since they earnpoints for every visit. Attracting more customers will enable the expansion ofthe business. Customers with loyalty cards feel attached to the business and willsubscribe to the park’s services.

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