Cardiac Issue Steps and Its Prevention

Cardiac Issue and Its Prevention/Health Promotion
The to the heart andits malfunctioning within the body. One major issue includes coronary arterydisease (CAD), a common type of disorder affecting the heart. CAD develops whenarteries supplying blood to the heart become clogged with plaque. This hardensand narrows down the arteries, thus, affecting the normal flow of blood. The buildingup of plaque in the arteries is termed arteriosclerosis (Winzer et al., 2018).Plaque contains cholesterol and other substances affecting the arteries normalfunctioning. Clogged arteries cause a reduction in the blood supply, causingthe heart to receive less oxygen and few nutrients for its functionality. Overtime, the heart muscles become weak, and one risks having heart failure andarrhythmias. In extreme cases, the plaque can rupture following the blockagesand cause an instant stop to blood flow leading to a heart attack.
There are various steps essential for CADprevention and health promotion among young and old populations. The first stepincludes eating a healthy and balanced diet. One should opt for a heart-healthydiet with and whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables.Therefore, this entails alleviation from consuming processed foods with addedfats, sugar, and salt. Secondly, one regularly exercises to help strengthen theheart and the circulatory system (Winzer et al., 2018). Exercising will helpreduce cholesterol levels and . Thirdly, one shouldmaintain moderate body weight by having a healthy body mass index (BMI). Thatway, the heart can easily function by pumping blood without distractions.
A study by Shao et al., 2020 indicates theefficacy of avoiding or quitting smoking as a for developingCAD. One could promote his health by limiting the alcohol levels of intake. Lastly,it is important to manage the underlying conditions potentially affecting hearthealth by seeking effective treatments. These include high blood pressure,diabetes, and obesity.

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