Case Study Coaching Strategy

Case Study Coaching Strategy
You have been recently hired at an Accounting Firm (ACON Pty Ltd) as an Accounts Manager. You are hired in this firm mainly to implement MYOB Accounting Software. ACON Pty Ltd has been using excel spreadsheet to manage, maintain and record their accounting transactions. Recently, they have expanded on their client base and are wanting to implement MYOB software at their company to be able to cope with increase in clients and better manage and provide service to them. You have been assigned on a special project to implement MYOB at ACON and part of this project is also for you to train two existing staff members (John and Julie). John and Julie have been using excel spreadsheet for quite some time now and training them and getting them use to using MYOB software will be one of the main tasks of this project. You as an Accounts Manager have to coach and train both John
and Julie to use MYOB Accounting Software.
1. For this, you are required to make a presentation of not more than 12 slides listing the benefits of MYOB over excel spreadsheets, that you will be presenting to John and Julie in order to make them aware of it and they should feel comfortable using it.
2. Write a brief report that will be presented to the Board of Directors of ACON Pty Ltd on listing main benefits of getting MYOB Software at ACON Pty Ltd.(3500 words)
Your report should list following points:
 Title page
 Table of contents page
 Executive Summary
 Top 10 benefits of using MYOB Software
 Implementation plan to replace excel spreadsheets with MYOB
 Summary of training/coaching plan to train John and Julie
 Conclusion
3. If you can see the professional development plan (PD plan), it comes with a goal, strategy, facilitated by, target date and date achieved. You have to fill in details as the Accounts Manager for both John and Julie. 2 separate PD plans will be formed for both of them respectively. In the column of “Facilitated by”, you will mention “Accounts Manager”. – Please see the template to fill-in.
For e.g. one goal for Julie and John will be to understand MYOB, second can be to learn how to use it and so on. You will be accessed upon these basic terms that you will use in these templates so that you know how to coach/train specific people on certain terms.
4. After the PD plan, you have Coaching action plan that will be formed for both John and Julie individually, meaning 2 separate forms again, because both are different people with different mind set and developments . For 2 people, you need to describe their development areas, employment activities based upon the development areas and a target date to complete it. – See below the template to fill-in.
For e.g. Development area for John can be to use Invoice templates in MYOB whereas Julie is well trained after your coaching in that area. Therefore, Julie can have another area to develop like Profit and Loss Statements. So, you can mention different areas for them to develop and based upon them, you will assign them with some activities to get better at their learning, like designing invoices for people on casual term of employment, fulltime, part time which will have different pay rates and different timings. All these activities should be according to their areas of development only.
5. Right after that, once you as an Accounts Manager are able to coach/ train John and Julie with the new MYOB software, it becomes your duty to get a feedback about the same that how have you been as a Coach to them. For this, 2 separate forms will be filled, one by John and one by Julie. You can ask your housemates or friends to help you out with the same. Use Coaching Feedback Form for this activity. Client name in this template will be John and Julie for their forms respectively. Also, you are more than welcome to add more points in the feedback form as per your convenience.

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