Case Study Melissa Psychology Homework

Case Study Melissa 
Melissa is a 20-year-old, high school graduate with a love for animals and poetry. She is diagnosed with Mental Illness. She has difficulty completing tasks correctly without reminders and maintaining focus in the face of outside distractions. Melissa needs verbal reminders but does not like to be critiqued. Melissa may elope or use profanity when she is critiqued. Melissa also has challenges with boundaries as it relates to professional work relationships. In the past, Melissa volunteered at local animal shelters with success and has very limited work history and skills. Attempts to find Melissa work has been challenging as Melissa may either not dress properly according to interviewing standards or may use maladaptive behaviors such using profanity during the interview. Melissa was recently hired to work as a cashier at a local fast-food restaurant. She is assigned to a Vocational Counselor who attended the onboarding process with Melissa. The Vocational Counselor has started to see that Melissa often takes more breaks then allowed. In the presence of customers, Melissa may yell such things as, “Hey good looking” or “He is hot” when referring to a customer she may be attracted to. As her Vocational Counselor, how would you support Melissa to observe proper work breaks and refrain from using unprofessional language in front of customer? Write a Task Analysis for taking an order from a customer. 
Write a progress note for a typical day.

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