Child life theory and practice forum due asap

“You may remember as a child, watching Sesame Street and listening to “People in Your Neighborhood.” This week you and your classmates are going to rewrite this song with the title “People at the Hospital.” Each of you will contribute one verse in which you describe services and resources of other professionals and identify their roles and functions in caring for young patients in the hospital setting. Your instructor has begun the “People at the Hospital” thread and it is up to each of you to add your verse to hers. When complete, you will have a fun memory of this course and your classmates, and you will also have a groovy prep song to put into your CCLS tool bag.
This forum will be graded on participation only. Have fun everyone!”

Hi Class! I’ll get us started with our first verse. Add your creativity and have some fun!
Oh who are the people in your hospital, in your hospital, in your hospital
Say who are the people in your hospital, the people that you meet each day. 
Oh the child life specialist makes it easy to be away from home when I’m queasy
She makes sure I understand, to get through my tests as planned. 
Cause a child life specialist is a person in your hospital, in your hospital, she’s in your hospital
A child life specialist is a person in your hospital, a person that you meet each day….. 

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