Children toys in early childhood discussion

Children in early childhood spend a good part of their dayplaying with the toys. This play is not just fun and games butpromotes the development of physical, cognitive, and socioemotionalabilities. The purpose of this assignment is for you to reflect upon andthen articulate in writing the relevance of toy playing to the developmental ofphysical, cognitive, and socioemotional skills in early childhood.
Conduct an Internet search to find toys marketed for children whoare between 3 to 5 years in age (i.e., in early childhood). As you arelooking at the toys, think about how the toys could age-appropriate skills and abilities in the different domains of development.
Physicaldevelopment: and gross motorskills
Cognitivedevelopment: language abilities, memory abilities,theory of mind, , numeracy
Socioemotional development: self-awareness, emotion regulation, gender identity,resilience
Make sure that you have completed the readingsand understand the concepts listed above prior to completing thisassignment.
Select three toys. For each toy, complete the following:
Present the name of thetoy and toy manufacturer. Include an image of the toy. You caneither download an image file from the website or take a screenshot tocreate your own image file.
Describe the toy and whatthe child is supposed to do with it. What is the purpose of thetoy? How is supposed to be played with?
Explain how playing withthe toy can promote development in early childhood. This can includemultiple skills in different domains. Touch upon all the skills thatyou think are relevant. For each skill,identify the psychological term for thedevelopmental skill, put the psych term in a bold font or different fontcolor, and provide a description in your own words of the skill along witha citation to the textbook. Then, explain with a specific examplehow playing with the toy can help children develop the skill.
Include your image and write-up for each toy in onedocument. Use 12-point font, 1-inch margins, and double spacing.Resize each image, so its about 2 x 2 inches in the document (keep it on thesmaller side). The text for each toy description should be about 2paragraphs in length.

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