Client Population Paper In Health Services

HSERV 200:Client Population Paper
(3-5 typed, double-spaced pages): Identify the clientpopulation that you are currently working with at your field placement.Find 2 scholarly journal articlesor chapters from a textbook that hasinformation that help you understand the population and presentingissues/problems.Summarize what you think are the most importantpieces of information that will be helpful in working with and understandingthe client population.
Cite your references in the body of the text AND on an additionallast page, entitled Works Cited.
Breaking it down:
Who are you serving at your current field placement?Elderly and older adultDescribe the client population(ex. elderly people over 80 with varying levels of dementia)Elderly people with dementia, homeless elderly and ederlythat is being abuse, Rehabilitation for elderly.
Come up with1-2 questions that you want answered about this population. These are your research questions.
For example:
What is dementia? What are the types of dementia?
What the most effectiveways to engage elderly people with dementia in a ?
Researchanswers to your questions using the library resources and databases. Make sure that your research findings arerecent (within 5 years or less).
Summarize thefindings of your articles or chapters.
Describe whatyou have learned from your researchspecifically, how it can help you be more effectivewith the clients that you are currently working with.
Include aWorks Cited page (in addition to the 3-5 pages). Use MLA format to cite your references bothin the body of your text and on your Works Cited page.
If you needany help with research or MLA format, ask a WCC librarian!
If writing ischallenging for you, at the WCC writing center.
Proofread/Spellcheckall of your work before handing it in.

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