Cognition and Moral Reasoning in Young Adulthood

Cognition and Moral Reasoning in Young Adulthood
Cognition and Moral Reasoning in Young Adulthood
1. _____________ proposed a stage theory in which cognition continually
advances from extreme dualism to high levels of personally committed
beliefs, or relativism.
(A) Karen Strohm Kitchener
(B) K. Warner Schaie
(C) William Perry
(D) Lawrence Kohlberg
2. Which of the following is not a level of intellectual transition according to
(A) Acquisition
(B) Dualism
(C) Multiplicity
(D) Relativism
3. What is the second level of intellectual transition in which young adults
come to realize there is more than one perspective and begin to prioritize
based on fact and strength of support?
(A) Acquisition
(B) Dualism
(C) Multiplicity
(D) Relativism
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Cognition and Moral Reasoning in Young Adulthood
4. Relativism is _________________ when acceptance of truth depends on
where it comes from and how it affects the student.
(A) acquisition
(B) dualistic
(C) contextual
(D) accurate
5. Reflective judgment is a ________________ for problem solving, resulting from concrete knowledge, flexibility in thinking, and reflecting on
(A) judgment
(B) working model
(C) strategy
(D) solution
6. The idea that adult judgments related to morality and other life decisions
progress through seven stages of knowledge and reflection was proposed by
(A) William Perry
(B) K. Warner Schaie
(C) Lawrence Kohlberg
(D) Karen Strohm Kitchener
Cognition and Moral Reasoning in Young Adulthood
7. Kitchener and Perry both believe that awareness of others’
_____________________ is important in advancing cognition.
(A) perspective
(B) judgments
(C) authority
(D) none of the above
Fill-in-the-Blank Questions
430. Perry’s perspective of advancing awareness and acceptance of transitions in knowledge (fixed, absolute, and contextual) is a theory of
431. Perry emphasized the role of college in accelerating _________________.
432. Before acquiring _______________, a young adult must be able to rationalize information, construct, and evaluate arguments.
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