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Congratulations! You have been promoted, upon your manager’s retirement, to the suddenly vacant position of director of health information management. But, with a new title come new responsibilities.One of the first you assumed was chairing the EHR evaluation committee, which was set up to determine how well the recent implementation of the new EHR system is going. An interim report is due soon.This report deals with compliance with meaningful use. Your job now is to develop a planning document to organize the evaluation and report the results. Follow the steps below:
Conduct independent research to ensure that your committee is basing its evaluation on current regulations and requirements. (This is important in a rapidly changing field like HIM.) Be sure to make notes for any quotations and for your in-text citations and references.Create a list of questions to be answered and/or items to be checked and evaluated. This should be as comprehensive as possible; your questions need to center on the concept of meaningful use.From your list, distill three to five major areas for analysis and evaluation. Group your questions and items under those major headings for this planning document.Propose a general structure for the results of the evaluation. This is a little tricky as you have not yet actually asked and answered your questions and made your evaluation, so consider it a rough draft for now.
To complete this assignment, review the Module Six Short Paper Guidelines and Rubric document.

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