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Marx and Arendt could not be further apart on the question of freedom’s relationship to economics. Marx sees the two as integrally linked, while Arendt thinks freedom occurs only in a realm transcendent of economics. Compare and contrast Marx’s and Arendt’s conceptions of freedom’s relationship to economics. Whose conception is more convincing, and why? 
No longer than five (5) double-spaced pages
Read the following before answering: 
1. Karl Marx, Selected Writings, ed. Lawrence H. Simon (Indianapolis: Hackett, 1994)
Karl Marx, “Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844” (pp. 54-55, 58-79) 
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The Communist  Manifesto (1848) (pp. 157-176, plus last four paragraphs on p. 186) 
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The German  Ideology (1845-46), (Middle paragraph on p. 119, third paragraph on p. 129 through second paragraph on p. 131)
2. Hannah Arendt, On Revolution (1963), Introduction and Chapter 1, 2
3. Hannah Arendt, “What is Freedom?” (1961)*  
4. Karl Marx, Fragment on association from “Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844”* 

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