Concepts Related to Inferential Statistics

Examine the and Concepts Related to Inferential Statistics
InstructionsPlease answer each of the following questions using information from the readings.
1-Population and sample:a-What is a population?b-What is a sample?2-What is the difference between a statistic and a parameter?3-What is the margin of error in statistics, and why is it important?4-What is the difference between quantitative and ?5-Describe the four levels of measurementsa-Nominalb-Ordinalc-Intervald-Ratio6-Provide examples of variables found in educational research that exist in each of the four levels of measurement described above.a-Nominalb-Ordinalc-Intervald-Ratio7-What is a hypothesis?8-What is a hypothesis test?9-Statistical hypothesis:a-What is the null hypothesis?b-What is the alternative hypothesis?10- Please explain what a is for a hypothesis test.Length: Complete responses to all parts of all 10 questions. Please include the question prompts along with your responses in your assignment submission.
References: At least

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