Conduct An Analysis Of Variance Anova To Check For Mean Differences Between Three Independent Groups On Any Variable Of Your Choice 1

Each sample should have a minimum of n = 6 participants, thus you need a minimum of N=18 participants, total, in the entire study.
What to turn in:

State your research question (use the example above as a model).
State the null and alternative hypotheses for your ANOVA.
Using α = .05 for your test, indicate the critical F-value, conduct the necessary calculations (show your work, as much as possible) and state your conclusions regarding the original hypotheses (Reject H0 or Fail to Reject H0).
Calculate and interpret η2 as a measure of effect size.
Using Tukey’s post-hoc test, check for specific significant differences between groups.

Note: Please do this even if your conclusion above is “Fail to Reject H0”

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