Conflict Theory of Intergroup Relations

Ethnic and Cultural Diversity: onConflict Theory and Do the Right ThingLink for film:
What is Conflict Theory of Intergroup Relations? Base your answer on the lecture/discussion from class as well as about Karl Marx.(no less than 150 words)
In Do the Right Thing, who are the minority or minoritized groups of people represented in the film? Identify at least .
Stepping back and looking at the BIG (ECONOMIC) PICTURE: what are the minoritized groups (Italians and Black Americans) competing for in society? What are they fighting for? (hint: think money, respect, status, etc.). Do you think they realize why they are fighting? Explain.
Who makes up the dominant social/economic group in our country? Is the in this film or more in the background? Explain your answer.
What was the Right Thing in the film Do the Right Thing? Do you agree that it was the right thing to do?

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