Contemplating the Cosmos: Reflections on Carl Sagan’s ‘Pale Blue Dot-English

Write a two page reflection on the Carl Sagan video played in class.  Free-write on feelings and thoughts about our society and the concept of planetary relevance.  Explore the idea of Earth as a pale blue dot in the perspective of the universe. How did it make you feel?  Hopeful?  Worried?  Fascinated?  Sad?  Proud?  How do you feel about our historical progress?  Was an it effective video?  What were the themes and messages?  What does it say about mankind?  Evolution?  Predictions for the future? How does it make you feel about your own life and your purpose here?  What sort of “footprint” do you want to leave behind, and how can you contribute to humankind in your own way?  How does this video apply to current events?  And moving forward, is there a way to make a change for the better?  These are questions to think about, not necessarily to answer.  Just express your own ideas about the video, and your experience watching it.

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