Contemporary HR Issues PPt Presentation

Contemporary HR Issues PPt Presentation
1. An internal review meeting is the opportunity to present your organizational design recommendations to colleagues before presenting them to your client. Your presentation will be focused on phase 5 (see p. 18).
2. Prepare the presentation for the internal review meeting in advance and take into consideration that your colleagues do not know about your client organization, its strategy or environment. Provide enough description so your colleagues can offer effective feedback.
3. Based on your Information Gathering, create a SWOT analysis. Add a HR So That Statement that links to the capabilities of the organization and includes Who, What and Why of the HR function
4. Try to limit sentences to five to eight words. Decide what the key messages are and reiterate those messages. Be sure your presentation pieces align. For example, your design recommendation should be consistent with the strategy and environmental issues you present.
Use the note section of the power point for full details. PPT slides should be short sentences.
****This presentation is based on Amazon******
Use APA Formatting on all slides and notes section as well as create a Title and reference page.
Times New Roman 12 pt font
Please review assignment below, as well as the case study in the other attachment.
Strategic mission and goals of client organization
Amazon’s mission statement is “We strive to offer our customers the lowest possible prices, the best available selection and the utmost convenience” (Gregory, 2018). The corporate vision is “to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online” (Gregory, 2018). The mission and goals provide the organization with action which focuses more on the future condition of the business organization. Amazon goal is to focus on high quality services and effective services to its customers.
Strategic gap related to client’s current organization design
All a customer needs are to have a superior client experience. This involves having good service, good prices and a good product. The connection that is created by the organization is what through the use of elements along with emotions, differentiation and personalization. There is a big difference between what organizations produce and what people want. The widening gulf creates distrust and dissatisfaction and business disloyalty.
Strategic goals of recommended organization redesign
Strategies to improve the effectiveness of the organization include:
· Focuses on growth and education.
· Keep customers in mind
· Work on quality products and services
· Use technology
Making better use of human resources.
recommended model for client organization
The eSourcing Capability Model is the best model for amazon because it acts as a guide for sourcing organizations to manage and reduce their risks and improve their capabilities across the entire sourcing life-cycle (Mukherji

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