Contemporary Theory Essay Question

Contemporary Theory Essay Question
Answer 1 of the following 3 questions.
Each question should be 4 pages double-spaced for a total of 8 pages, double-spaced, with 12 font. You are expected to engage the course readings for each question and to reference them in your answer. You will evaluated on how well you comprehend the readings, frame the main ideas in your answer and articulate their sociological relevance.
Foucault explores the relationship between power, knowledge and discourse. Explain Foucault’s argument that the Panopticon is not just a prison design but is illustrative of a broader shift in the way that power is exercised in society. Address how power is often executed through the body and the relationship that we form with ourselves. At the end of the answer, briefly address how Foucault’s idea of power diverges from Marxist thinking.
Please cite at least 1 of the 2 following readings: “Panopticism’ by Foucault, 2) or ‘The Essential Foucault” by Allan (p 295-302).
Giddens “structuration theory” explores the relationship between structure and agency that is so central to sociology. Explain Gidden’s notion of the “duality of structure” and how agency and structures condition each other.  Discuss the difference between practical and discursive consciousness. How does structuration theory critique ‘structural functionalism’? Pick an example and use it throughout your answer to illustrate the key points that Giddens is making.
Please cite the reading “Anthony Giddens” by Appelrouth and Edles in your answer.
Beck argues that we have entered a new society that vigilantly monitors risk as a result of the growing awareness of the unintended environmental consequences of modernization. Explore Beck’s discussion of risk society and his idea of the “boomerang effect” that we see in the statement: “poverty is hierarchic: smog is democratic” (Kivisto p. 465). What does this mean?  Assess the persuasiveness of Beck’s argument in relation to the Covid Pandemic.
Please cite “Risk Society: Towards a New Modernity” by Beck.
Other tips:
Use any referencing style but be consistent. Please use page numbers when citing the text
Engage the texts closely in your answer. Avoid relying heavily on lecture notes.
Proof-read your paper for clarity, grammar and typos.

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