controversies on legalizing psychedelics and cannabis to treat PTSD

12 pages (3300 words)
Double spaced
Type of paper:
Other (See paper instructions) Possible checklist Graduate
Social Work and Human Services
Sources to be cited:
Paper format:
Paper instructions:
For this Final Paper, write about the controversies that surround legalizing psychedelics and cannabis in the mental health professional treatment of mental illnesses such as PTSD. (a psychedelic drug called MDMA)
For this paper select evidence-based research and full-text, peer-reviewed articles to support the controversies of legalizing psychedelics and cannabis in the mental health field.
You may also consider looking at some interviews of mental, medical, and psychiatric health experts in the field using YouTube videos (only one video for this paper).
For this paper, review the attached controversial proposal for this paper. Write a minimum of 12–13 pages in length, not including the title page, abstract, or references. The controversial paper should include at least a minimum of 10 references (evidence-based research, full-text, peer-reviewed articles, or peer-reviewed expert videos (only one video) that you may find on YouTube for references.
The proposal is what the controversial paper is going to be about what the part of the paper, you may use the paragraphs from the proposal paper for the abstract and parts of the paper.
The Paper should include the following subtitles:
1. Abstract
2. An analysis of the question or controversy you selected including central arguments for various sides of the controversy
3. An explanation of how the question or controversy relates to clinical applications as a helping professional
4. An explanation of how you might reconcile the question or controversy in your current or future professional role
5. Conclusion
6. Bibliography of resources
7. References
Follow proper APA 7th edition format guidelines and use only full-text, peer-reviewed articles, and peer-reviewed expert videos as your references.
Four (4) peered-reviewed articles have been found listed below and used three (3) in the controversial proposal. You will need to find (6) six more evidence-based research, full-texted, peer-reviewed articles. No more than (1) peer-reviewed video can be used for this paper. A bibliography for each reference is also a part of this paper. Use proper bibliography format for each of the 10 references in this paper.
National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. (2017). Cannabis (Marijuana) and Cannabinoids: What You Need To Know. Health. Retrieved from
Pilecki, B., Luoma, J. B., Bathje, G. J., Rhea, J.,

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