Corporate transparency | introduction to business

 1. Do you think the law requiring Europe’s largest businesses to be more  transparent is a good thing or a bad thing? Defend your position using  pertinent examples from the text. What types of business  communication—if any—should be regulated by the government?  2. Describe a business crisis from recent years during which better  communication would have aided the corporation(s) in question. Could  enforced transparency have prevented the setback—or would it have  made it worse? If you were in control of communication during the  crisis, how would you address your investors? 3. Can you think of any additional reasons a person might support or  oppose a law enforcing corporate transparency in America? Brainstorm  an argument not covered in the text for each side of the debate.  Consider factors that affect your own life, the economic climate, and  business as a whole. Does either of your new arguments change your  opinion on the matter? 

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