Data Communication Strategies Assignment

Data Communication Strategies Assignment
The metrics used evaluates the progress of the recruitment strategy in terms of how many candidates succeeded in every stage of the recruitment process. Each of the stages in the recruitment process is compared to the initial number of applicants in determining the success rates of the candidates in getting hired and retained after one year since recruitment. Also, the metric involves a comparison between the initial number of applicants and the ones that perform above average (Nkomo et al., 2011) In addition, the use of metrics allows the organization to evaluate the cost incurred in hiring every nurse. Also, the recruitment strategy focuses on different channels at which the organization pools employees from.
Explain the benefits of metrics in recruiting strategy development and execution
The metrics used defines every stage as an independent yet an important stage to the overall recruitment process. This aims at creating transparency and in ensuring the hospital management can monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of the recruitment process based on the performance of the candidates throughout the process. Also, the metrics used helps the organization to monitor the recruitment cost and make a comparison between the cost incurred and the expected benefit based on the number of candidates that perform above average (Bose, 2019).
Evaluate the nurse recruiting strategy for a hospital
a. What are the metrics used in the case?
The metrics used in the case is yield ratio which seeks to determine the number of successful candidates based on the initial number of applicants. In this case, the metrics used include ratio of applicant to qualified, the number of candidates interviewed in relation to applicants, number of candidates offered job in relation to the number of initial applicants. Also, other metrics used include number of candidates who accepted job in relation to the initial number of initial applicants, candidates who were hired and survived for one year in comparison to the initial number of applicants as well as the number of candidates hired and who perform above average. Finally, there is the cost incurred in recruiting every nurse hired (Nkomo et al., 2011, p.123).
b. What was the process the hospital used to select these metrics?
The method used is very effective as it provides a clear criterion in which the recruitment officials followed in recruiting the new members of staff (Nkomo et al., 2011).
c. Based on the data calculations you completed, is the hospital using effective recruiting sources.
The recruitment sources used are effective while few are less effective. Among the less-effective sources include hospital-based schools. This is because regardless of the hospital incurring high cost of $110 per hire, no candidate was successfully hired through this channel.
d. Which recruiting sources would you need to manage more effectively.
The recruitment source that needs more effective management include journal ads. This is because the source amounted to the highest number of hires yet the cost per hire was low. With effective management, the organization can maximize the outcome at a minimum cost. This yields to management efficiency and optimal use of resources (Wawer, 2018).
Assess the cost benefits of using HR metrics
HR metrics are associated with costs such as inefficiency where n organization may implement a recruitment source in its business model but fail to realize the expected outcome or results. This can result into critics against the HR and overall management team on basis of misuse of resources. However, the use of HR metrics ensures there is a larger pool of candidates which increases the chances of successful hires.
a. How can HR metrics be used to lower costs?
The metrics can be used in lowering cost through adopting the least expensive source of recruitment candidates and which yield highest results.
How can HR metrics be used to create value for an organization?
a. How could the recruiting process be improved?
The metrics can be used in creating value through hiring most appropriate candidates that fits the job descriptions needed in the organization. The more resourceful the candidates are in attaining the requirements of the job position, the higher the value the candidates or potential employees add to the organization.
b. What stage or stages of the hospital recruiting process seem the most amenable to improvements?
Invitation to interview is more prone to amendments and can be leveraged in maximizing potential value to the organization. This can be improved through amending the questions to focus more on the proposed value to the organization.
Identify new specific metrics to support HR recruitment functions
Calculating the number of employees leaving the organization within the first five years of occupation can be used in assessing the appropriateness of the candidates in meeting the job requirements.
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Bose, I. (2019). Metrics of Organizational Practices in Human Resource Management: Selected perspectives from HR analytics. RIMS Journal of Management, 4(1), 26-35.
Nkomo, S. M.,

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