Data Warehouse Engine and Operating System

Data Warehouse Engine and Operating System
158 What are the data warehouse infrastructure
159 What role does the data warehouse
engine play?
160 What are data warehouse engine
161 What are database selection criteria?
162 Which are the most popular relational
163 Should an open-source database be
164 Should a relational or OLAP database
be used?
165 What are the popular operating
166 What are the desired features of the
operating system?
167 On which platforms can a data warehouse
be implemented?
168 What are the server hardware
169 What is a data warehouse appliance?
170 Which technologies are used by data
warehouse appliances?
171 What are the benefits of data warehouse
172 Who are the data warehouse appliance
Data Warehouse Engine and Operating System
173 What are the selection criteria for the
hardware platform and components?
174 What are the software tools used in a
data warehouse?
175 Why are multiple physical environments
176 What problems can arise due to inadequate
infrastructure planning?
177 What are the common causes leading to
infrastructure inadequacy?
178 What can happen if the upgrade strategy
is flawed?
Data Access
179 How is information delivered
to users?
180 Why do data warehouses often fail to meet
their full potential?
181 What are some objectives that data access
tools are required to meet?
182 What types of front-end tools are available?
183 What is the challenge that front-end tools
are required to address?
184 What are the requirements of data
access tools?
185 What is a dashboard?
186 What are dashboard challenges?
187 Which KPIs should be displayed on a
188 What is a scorecard?
Tool Selection and Data Mining
189 How should a front-end tool be selected?
190 Is it better to build or buy a front-end
access tool?
191 What can be the consequences of selecting
the wrong tool?
192 What is an efficient way of leveraging
report-development resources?
193 Who are the leading front-end access
tool vendors?
194 How should a data-access tool vendor
be selected?
195 What is data mining?
196 Who uses data mining?
197 What is data mining based on?
198 Where can data mining be applied?
199 What are the basic differences between
OLAP and data mining?
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