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Even though some of the links may be bad, there are plenty there for you to get a good overview of both sides of the issue, if you will allow yourself to do so. Take some time to browse this section, looking at some pro and con death penalty sites. Even if you feel very strongly in one direction, allow yourself the luxury of an open mind for this academic exercise, please. Write one page (double-spaced) in favor of the death penalty, making the most compelling case you can. Then, write one page, making a case in opposition to the death penalty. Feel free to use the links provided to center and ground your arguments. For each page you write, cite at least five websites from the link provided above. The purpose of this exercise is to help you, as an academic, understand that the issues surrounding the death penalty (justice, discrimination, fairness, retribution, etc.) are highly complex, and that the decision to take a life is one that society must enter into very seriously. You may choose any format for the citations, but you will lose points if there are not 5 citations per document.
Please make sure both pages are contained in one document, 
Then, please share the most difficult aspect of completing this assignment on a separate paper. Thank you.

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