Debatable Issue Infographic Assignment

The purpose of this assignmentis for you to learn more about a debatable issue related to infant development,and to demonstrate your learning by creating an infographic.
Select an interesting,debatable issue from this module that you would like to learn more about.Conduct an Internet search to find sources with information on theissue.Seek out authoritative sourcesthatpresent scientific information(i.e., findings fromempirical studies). These can be primary source journal articles, but canalso be secondary source media reports, or articles from national organizationsthat focus on child development (American Academy of Pediatrics, UNICEF, etc.).
Here are some issues that youcould select: how long to breastfeed infants, social requirements onvaccination, whether or not to , whether or not to co-sleepwith infants, whether to nurture babies in accordance with traditional genderroles or to . You can select any ofthese, are choose another issue of interest to you.
Select some relevant andsignificant information from your research. This can include shortfactual statements, graphs, charts, tables, etc. Your objective is tocreate an interesting visual (that is, an infographic) so that an outsideobserver could quickly learn at least three new things about the issue bylooking at it.Your infographic should include at least twoimages (pictures, charts, and graphs all count as images) and some text.You can present both sides of the debate on yourinfographic (for example, the pros and cons of circumcision), or you can focuson one side (if your goal is to persuade your audience to adopt your positionon the issue).
I encourage you to create yourown images or to use images with a Creative Commons license (free touse). With that said, it is OK for the purposes of this assignment to usea copyrighted image, since your assignment will not be presentedpublicly. For all images that you dont create yourself, make sure toinclude a citation. There are existing infographics on most any issuethat you can find by doing a Google image search. I encourage you to dothis to view some examples. However, do not use an existinginfographicor even part of one for this assignment.Create yourown infographicusing images from the sources you found, or ones you’vecreated yourself, and carefullyformatted textual statements that areclear and concise.
Please dont feel overwhelmedby creating a visual. You can think of it as making a simplified poster aboutthe topic. You can design the poster in any medium you like, includingMicrosoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Photoshop, etc. When I have madeposters in the recent past for conferences, I used PowerPoint. You useone slide and set the dimensions for whatever you need. Then you insert textboxes and image files, and can move them around anywhere on the slide.Also, if you want to explore other programs (which have free trials or freeaccounts), here are some options: Canva, Infogram, and Ihavent used these myself, but you can check them out if you areinterested.
Submit your infographicalongwith a 1- to 2-page reflection paperthat addresses the following questions.
What specific information (i.e., findings/conclusions fromscientific research) did you learn that relates to the issue?
What information do you find to be most important orsignificant, and why? How do your own values relate to how you viewthe issue and which position you side with?
What experiences have you had, or what observations have youmade of others, that relate to this issue? How do these experiencesfactor into how you view the issue?
At the end of your paper,include anAPA-style reference list of sources you usedfor your infographic.Include atleast 3 references.
Here is a good website withinformation on and examples of how to reference electronic sources:
Click on the assignment link toupload your document. Attach your document inASSIGNMENT SUBMISSIONby clicking on the button titledBrowse MyComputerand selecting your document from the location saved on yourcomputer.
It must be aa docx orpdf document.Otherwise, your document willnotopen in Blackboard.
I will score yourworkusing a rubric accessible in this assignment link and in the“Grades” area. I encourage you to view the rubric prior tocompleting the assignment, so you know how your work will be evaluated andscored.

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