Decrease Hypertension In African American

Decrease Hypertension In African American
Please use SMART (Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-based) framework to develop objectives.
In the timeframe of this DNP Project, the host site will:
1. List between 3-5 objectives. When writing objectives, ensure that each objective is measurable and be consistent with expected outcomes.
2. Example objectives: Implement an evidence based…or something similar
3. Administer an education seminar for the multi-disciplinary team to train on this practice
4. Improve provider compliance with national standards for care pertaining to (insert project topic)
5. Improve rates of (insert patient outcomes) by xx% within a 5-week implementation frame.
Implementation Framework
In this section, you will name and define the implementation framework that underpins your proposal and future DNP project. Provide a summary of project interventions utilizing either the Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) model if your project is a quality improvement project or the IOWA model if an Evidence-based practice project approach is utilized. Each student should decide which approach will provide greater clarity for their project. Place a diagram of the model at the end of the paper in the appendix section, after the reference pages and refer to the diagram in this section. The framework or theory should be utilized to explain the problem and justify/guide intervention.
When developing this section of the proposal, section headings should be utilized to fully explore the framework. Use the rubric as a guide. Be sure to provide pertinent information regarding the historical development of the framework.
Decrease Hypertension In African American
Provide very specific information on how you will apply the tenets of the theory or framework to the implementation process of the DNP Project at the system level. If the theory or framework will guide the formation of an evidence-based guideline, you should explore that here as well. You may choose to utilize level 3, 4, and 5 headings here to explore more specifically the major tenets of the theory.
Major framework tenets. This is an example of how you could organize your thoughts as you explore the tenets of the theory using section headings.
Population of Interest
Direct population of interest should be explored (people who will be implementing your project interventions, generally staff that will be educated). Describe the population of interest such as volume, license type, describe any population who will be excluded from the project (such as front office staff or scheduler).
Indirect population of interest should be explored (Usually the patient population that will be impacted from this project).
The project setting describes the venue where the project will be implemented. It should consist of the practice type (acute care, long term care, private practice). Location of the project site in general terms (private practice in an affluent area in southern California) Please do not use any names of the practice site) The size of the practice should be described along with specialty. Does the practice site utilize EHR? Is the practice private or corporately owned? Include any relevant information to the project.
Identify key stakeholders that will be involved with the project. What is the role of these stakeholders with the project? Discuss permission to conduct project at the project site . (The letter obtained in DNP Project I should be placed in the appendices at this time). Also discuss if an affiliation agreement is required between the university and the project site. (Affiliation agreement should also be placed in the appendices at this time if applicable)
Decrease Hypertension In African American
Description of the intervention(s) in sufficient detail that others could reproduce it.
Specifics of teams involved in the work. Use the timeline and write a few sentences to briefly describe your approach to your QI project. The full timeline doesn’t need to be included in the paper but your general plan for intervention should be.
Describe each tool that will be necessary for achieving your objectives and carrying out interventions of the QI project. Include the following information: Who will develop the tool (will you use an existing/established tool or develop your own)? How will the tool be validated (was it validated by a previous study, or will you seek expert consultation through stakeholders and the project team)? If using an established tool, do you need to seek permission to use the tool? From whom?
Tool Example
Please use subheadings to organize this section. Each tool should be described separately under a subheading.
Plan for Data Collection
Approach chosen for assessing the impact of the intervention(s) is explored.
Approach used to establish whether observed outcomes were due to the intervention(s) should also be explored. What is the procedure used for collecting data and plans for maintaining confidentiality during this process? (It may be easier and more organized if you utilize the subheadings to explore data collection.)
Plan for Analysis
Provide appropriate statistical analysis tests chosen and justify your decision. Discussion of assumptions to be addressed and specific process for analysis included.
Ethics/Human Subjects Protection
Explain how you will conduct ethical and confidential implementation. Discuss IRB
process- note TUN doesn’t require IRB for QI projects. Does your project site require IRB or QI Committee oversight? If so, define IRB process for the site. What are the benefits/risks for participants? Is there compensation for participants? Discuss recruitment methods (how will you get people to your training?)

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