Deep Vein Thrombosis Discussion Question

Deep Vein Thrombosis Discussion Question
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Deep Vein Thrombosis Discussion Question
1. A woman who develops deep vein thrombosis at a POA of 36 weeks is treated
A. Intravenous un fractionated heparin
during labour and for 48 hours postpartwn.
B. Subcutan eous low 01olecular weight
heparin 40 01g daily.
C. Subcu taneous low molecular weight
heparin 60 01g twice daily.
D. Warfarin from the fifth postpartun1
Deep Vein Thrombosis Discussion Question
E. Warfarin till 38 weeks and LWMH
• SBA Questions in Obstetrics, drapter 9, P”8″‘ 84–85.
• Tliromboembolic Disease in Pregmmcy and tire
Puerperium: Acute Munagement, RCOG Greentop Guideline Nu. 37b, April 2015, page 3.
2. Major and intermediate risk factors for
developing venous thromboembolism
A. Cross varicose veins.
B. High-risk thron1bophilia.
C. ()besity.
D. Previou~ epi~ode ofVTE after surgery.
E. Previous episode of VfE not related
to surgery.
• SBA Questions rn Obstetrics, chapter 9,
page 85.
• Reducing thuerperium: Acute Mtmagement, RCOG Greentop Guideline No. 37b, April 2(/15, page 2.
4. During treatment of deep vein thrombosis
with low molecular weight heparin:
A. Fetal structural abnorn1alities occur.
B. No investigations are required to
monitor the treattnent in the absence
of bleeding.
C. Sudden bleeding epi5Cx:les are conunon.
D. Treatment should be stopped 24 hours
before giving regional analgesia.
E. Treatment should be stopped a t the
onset of labour.
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