Discuss The Following Questions 7

1, In the Emily Dickinson section of the 1800’s module, reread the following poems by Emily Dickinson: Because I Could Not Stop for Death, There is a Certain Slant of Light, There is Another Sky, I’m Nobody! Who are You?, I Started Early, and Nobody Knows This Little Rose.
From those pick your favorite and do the following:
1.1) Write down the name of the poem.
1.2.) In two or three complete sentences state why you like the poem and what it has to say to you.
1.3.) Cut and paste in four lines from the poem. In two or three complete sentences state what those lines are saying.
2, Look at the Paul Klee work in Fiero. What story does it tell? Is it a reflection of the 1920’s? If so how? If not, why not? How is the work reflected in Klee’s quote, “my aim is to create much spirituality out of nothing”?
3. Read “she being Brand” in Fiero. As per Fiero, “who is the she in the poem?” and “what liberties does the poet take with form? With subject matter?”
4. Read from Franz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” in Fiero. As per Fiero, “what details in the story establish a sense of reality? Of unreality? Of fear?
5, Read “The Road Not Taken” in Fiero. Do the themes in this poem show up in any recent novel. movie, television show or song lyric? If so, what is the piece? What are the similarities?
6,Look at Pablo Picasso’s “Man with Violin” in Fiero. What story does it have to tell? What mood does it evoke? Does it say anything about the time in which it painted? If so, what? If not, why not?

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