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 Provide a 50-75 word discussion reply to the following post below.  
My company currently uses the Scrum Development Methodology. This methodology uses a time line called a sprint where development of software is done in a two week time frame. It allows the development to be quick and continuous. “Scrum emphasizes collaboration, functioning software, team self management, and the flexibility to adapt to emerging business realities.” (James) There are three main roles in scrum that include the scrum master, product owner, and the team. I am actually the product owner of my team. Our company initially used the waterfall method, then went into a transition where we are now using scrum. Introducing this change required many process changes. In Scrum we have ceremonies that allow us to talk about the work for the day, refine our backlog of work, and plan for our next sprints. After the sprint we have retrospectives where we converse about how our team can improve. The main reason for the transition from waterfall to scrum, was to get out new projects or technology as quickly as possible. Scrum methodology was preferred over waterfall due to its fast pace of getting work out, but waterfall was a better fit for projects that easily understood.
There are advantages and disadvantages to using Scrum in the work place. Scrum lets the team to decide what they want to work on or what is important to work on. This increases the moral of the team as they are doing work they enjoy. There are also quick daily meetings that allow the team to talk about what they are working on and address any road blocks they have. This is a fast paced methodology that produces results quickly. Disadvantages include not fully estimating correctly as it is so faced pace. “It is good for small, fast moving projects but not suitable for large size projects.” (2015) I have noticed this is a hindrance when my team has bigger projects. It is not easy to put small pieces of work out in production, and the actual requirements we once had are no longer there.
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