Discussion topic in this forum, choose one of the disorder of the

Discussion Topic
In this forum, choose one of the disorder of the urinary system (Chapter 9)
Your post must include the following information
root(s), suffix and prefix of the disease
cause(s) of the disorder
risk factors of the disorder
signs and/or symptoms
how is it diagnosed
how it affects the body overall
treatment(s) and/or cure.
what is the prognosis?
citation for any references (text, website etc) used. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE (this will result in a severe reduction of your grade). Paraphrase and cite your reference.
If choosing UTI, cystitis, or nephrolithiasis, chooses a specific type.
(Minimum of 250 words in length).
Course Materials :
Marie A. Moisio and Elmer W. Moisio (2016). Medical Language: Focus on Terminology Third Edition. Thompson Delmar, Albany, New York. ISBN: 978-1-285-85421-2

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