Diseases of Nutrition Metabolism and Endocrines

Diseases of Nutrition Metabolism and Endocrines
Diseases of Nutrition Metabolism and Endocrines
1. The most common cause of hypothyroidism in the adult is A. trauma
B. radioactive iodine ingestion C. primary hypothyroidism
D. parathyroid surgery
E. antithyroid chemicals
734. Pituitary infarction is most commonly seen following A. a head injury B. a uterine hemorrhage
C. temporal arteritis D. a Coumadin overdose
E. a cavernous sinus thrombosis
735. The most sensitive assay for human growth hormone is A. a metapyrone test B. a mouse bioassay C. radioimmunoassay
D. urine 17-hydroxycorticosteroids
E. an insulin tolerance test
Diseases of Nutrition, Metabolism, and Endocrines / 229736. The zona glomerulosa of the adrenal gland can becharacterized as A. secreting mostly mineralocorticoids
B. secreting largely sex steroids C. located in the middle of three layers of the cortex
I), located in the center of the adrenal gland
E. secreting largely adrenalin
737. The slowest growing malignant tumor of the thyroid is A. a follicular carcinoma
B. a papillary carcinoma
C. an amyloidic solid carcinoma
I), an anaplastic carcinoma
E. an epidermoid carcinoma
Diseases of Nutrition Metabolism and Endocrines
73S. Adrenal reserve is best tested by means of infusion with A. metapyrone
B. glucagon
C. aminoglutethimide
E. glucocorticoids
739. The earliest clinical manifestation of Sheehan’s syndrome is A. failure to resume a normal menstrual cycle
B. failure to regain normal strength and vigor followingdelivery C. loss of libido D. early mammary involution and failure to lactate E. adrenal insufficiency 740. Extragenital signs of gonadal dysgenesis include all of the fol- lowing EXCEPT
A. short stature
B. cafe-au-lait spots C. low-set ears D. aplasia of muscles
E. long, spindly fingers
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